The Patties


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Our food is freshly prepared and gently cooked to support and promote superior gut health for your dog’s microbiome. Digestibility is everything. Our focus is putting together a recipe and process that supports the digestive tract and ensures the nutrients stay in your dog.

We know that feeding your dog quality foods isn’t always easy, and can often times be gross and wet.  That’s why we provide our food in patty form, and gently cook them so that the outside is clean and the patties are easy to work with.

Canine nutrition couldn’t be simpler or easier.

Being omnivores, dogs thrive on both meat and plant food sources. We believe that high quality locally sourced meat (muscle and organ) should be the first ingredient.  We include fresh vegetables and fruits, and high quality grains like organic spelt, barley, brown rice and oats to provide fermentable fibres.  Finding the right balance of these ingredients and making sure the ingredients are of the highest quality are key to providing the best dog nutrition.