Bone Broth


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Amazing jelly bone broth from grass fed beef. Boiled for over 48 hours, and gently filtered, this bone broth provides preventative and healing benefits. Great for canines who suffer sensitive stomaches or who experience digestive issues. Jelly bone broth contains so much collagen to strengthen and heal & repair bones, ligaments, tissue, and organs. Studies now show that the health of any being is dependent on the health of their gut.

Our bone broth comes in two sizes – 400 ml and 800 ml jars. For most, a 400ml jar will last a week. You can give 1/4 – 2 ounces of broth per 10 lbs of dog each day. (eg. 40 lb pup can have 1 – 8 ounces per day). 400 ml jars contains 15 ounces of broth.